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"I graduated from Wayne State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Before joining the COR Family, I was a Juvenile Probation Officer for the State of Nebraska. The biggest take away I have learned from working in the juvenile justice system, is being mindful of what stage youth are at in their life. Essentially, you can lead them down the right paths, but you can't make them follow you. I have always been passionate about working with youth and their families; helping them reach their goals and finding their strengths when they only see their weaknesses, is my biggest priority. I am honored to be a part of COR and I am excited to share my passion with our Family Services Providers. My role as a Family Services Supervisor is not only to work along side our Family Service Providers, but to also work beside with the youth and families we serve here at COR Therapeutic Services, LLC."

“The moment you are ready to quit, is usually the moment a miracle happens. Do not give up.”

Mikayla enjoys spending time with her family, their dogs, cooking and decorating. 
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