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Fun FAQs with COR Therapeutic

Who are the founders of COR?

COR was started by a group of six women who had worked alongside each other for several years in the mental health field. Rebecca Stahlecker, Beth Larson, Nicky Kettler, Abbie Rowley, Amanda Milander-Mace and Stephanie Wragge.

COR (2).png

What does COR stand for? 

COR is Latin translations of "heart, mind, and soul." When the founders began their journey, they came across "COR" as a synonym to strength


Who designs your website? 

With the help of family, COR founders were able to create their own website. They continue to provide all of their own updates and designs.

Beth Larson COR

Who creates your cool mental health t-shirts?

COR founders create most of the shirts you see around the office. They are also available for purchase!

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