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Dual Diagnosis:
Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Outpatient Therapy
At COR, our therapists work with you to address co-occurring substance abuse issues and mental health problems. Our substance related services are provided by a dually licensed and credentialed individual who is certified in both mental health and substance use practices. Our services are provided though both individual and group settings. Outpatient Services will be tailored to treat the individual’s specific need and diagnosis in terms of frequency and duration. We provide Substance Use Evaluations as well as Drug and Alcohol Education classes. 

Substance Use Evaluations
Our therapists at COR have extensive experience with addiction, mental health and dually diagnosed populations. We develop and follow a treatment plan for each client utilizing various therapeutic techniques to address the individual’s needs. COR offers comprehensive assessments to help each client identify how substance use is negatively impacting their life. We also help clients evaluate if they are in need of additional treatment by gathering information that includes; substance abuse history, psychiatric history, family history, social history, health history, and legal history. 

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