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Community Treatment Aide (CTA)

CTA services provide supportive interventions to families, parents and caregivers. Our providers assist families in learning, practicing and implementing strategies and techniques to help decrease symptoms and behaviors associated with mental illness.

Intensive Family Preservation (IFP)

IFP services are designed to create positive changes in the family. IFP interventions are face-to-face with the youth and family, focusing on the family’s strengths and reducing family risk factors by improving family functioning.

Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST)

MST is an evidence-based juvenile delinquency program that empowers youth

(ages 12-18) and their families to function responsibly over the long term.

MST reduces juvenile delinquency and antisocial behavior by addressing the

core causes of such conduct and views the client as a network of systems

including family, peers, school, and neighborhood.

Family Services

Our Family Services Specialists provide family support to promote the well-being of children and families. This includes can include teaching parenting skills, providing interventions and connections to community resources. 

Parenting Time & Supervised Visitation

Our Family Services Specialists provide visitation services to ensure the safety and well being of family members. 

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