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We Are Hiring
College Internships

COR Therapeutic Services, LLC has current openings for summer and fall internships. We are looking
for qualified applicants for both graduate and undergraduate programs.

Our agency is comprised of more than thirty professionals over our four locations in Northeast Nebraska.
We serve a variety of mental health needs in areas of Norfolk, Columbus, Hartington and O’Neill,
Our services include mental health counseling, substance use counseling, evaluations,
intensive in-home services, and numerous psycho-educational classes, to give interns a full experience!

If you are interested or would like more information, please give us a call or send an email. We would be more than happy to talk to about the opportunities
we could offer.

Join our team!

Caleb Green

"I have enjoyed my internship at COR because my supervisor works with me to make sure that I have the opportunities to experience the broad range of services that COR has to offer. I have been included in the friendly work atmosphere and never felt like I was going at things alone. Overall, I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow within a community of competent helping professionals."


Alexis Huisman

“I am a master’s Intern at COR Therapeutic Services. It has been such an exciting learning experience working at COR for the last 6 months. The staff are so welcoming and create a space where you are encouraged to learn and grown with every opportunity. Having supervisors that invest in your own mental health and well-being makes it feel like more than just a job. There are so many positive things I could say about COR. They offer a positive work environment, they create a safe space where you can ask for help and be offered additional assistance in whatever way you need, they celebrate the “big” things and the “small” things, and they are flexible and understanding when life happens, and you need extra coverage/support. I am so excited to continue working at COR upon graduation, they are the best!”