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Family Services Specialist (FSS) – Childhood Trauma and How We Prevent It

We are Family Services Specialists, and we believe in keeping families together.

We are often viewed as glorified babysitters but, we are so much more. We keep families together in order to prevent them from entering the system. We work diligently to reunify families by modeling healthy relationships and providing skills to reduce generational trauma. We promote healthy bonding and attachment, security, and love. We teach milestones, appropriate interactions, healthy parenting and co-parenting skills and assist with setting boundaries and routines.

Building rapport and connections with our families can be difficult. We are strangers entering their life in a sudden moment. We are placed inside their homes with the idea of implementing a new set of rules and expectations in their already uprooted livelihoods. As we enter homes, we automatically become the auditory and visual needs of the Court, as we promote safety and security within the home. We are often viewed as a safety net to children who may be fearful of reentering their trauma. We then become adaptive to the needs of the families we are serving, while being mindful of creating our own boundaries so we are not internalizing our clients’ emotions stemming from anger, frustration, pain, or guilt.

We are leading families through obstacles and pushing them into the direction of building healthy relationships and breaking free of a cycle they know to be normal. We understand we have not walked in their shoes, or climbed the same mountains as they, however, we know how to create an environment fulfilled with empathy and provide tools leading to success. We genuinely believe with the right resources and support, any person or family can break the cycle of generational trauma, and we are honored to be a small part of a powerful shift.

Written by the Family Services Specialist Team at COR Therapeutic Services, LLC

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